The Process.

All of our products and services begin with a plan in mind, and vehicle vinyl application is no exception. The process begins with meeting with the client to collect all of the information that they wish to advertise on their vehicle. We evaluate the client’s expectations regarding the boldness or subtlety of the vinyl wrap design, and discuss colour preferences. Once we have that information, we can start laying out the design. The design composition most often begins with the client’s logo as the focal point, because this is what will stick out in the minds of potential consumers when they are comparing the products and services of multiple companies. At this point, we use prefabricated vehicle templates to mock up the design for the client. If the client happens to have a rare kind of vehicle, we may not have the appropriate vehicle template on hand. In this scenario, we take photographs of the vehicle to use in place of vehicle templates for mock up creation.

Sticker Creation.

When the design and mock-up have been approved by the client, we order the amount of vinyl required to complete the decals. Once the vinyl arrives, it is put through a plotter, which is a machine that cuts the decal design into the surface of the vinyl sheets. We pick all the negative space portions out of the cut sheets, until all that remains is the design to be applied to the vehicle. To prepare the vinyl decal for application, we apply 3M Premasking Tape (otherwise known as application tape) to the vinyl. This allows for a quick and flawless application of the decals. In the case of a customer with a pick-up truck, who desires moderate vinyl coverage, this preparation of the decals takes an average of 3-5 hours.


It is imperative that the vehicle is clean for a blemish-free application of decals, so we ask our clients to take their vehicles through a car wash, just prior to dropping them off with us. Once the vehicle has arrived at our facility, we wipe down the areas of the vehicle that will receive the decal treatment with a special solution that removes any residual dust and dirt. Failing to remove all traces of debris may result in bubbles or dimpling in the surface of the decal. Depending on the decal size and coverage, we will use either a dry application or a wet application method, using the technique that will yield the best results. Continuing with the previous example of a pick-up truck with moderate vinyl coverage, the application process takes an average of 4-6 hours.

The End Product.

After successful application of the vinyl, we wipe down the decals and surrounding areas one more time, making certain that the surface of the vinyl is pristine. The vehicle is then ready for pickup.